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Ephedra Diet Pills

Ephedra diet pills have been the subject of controversy over the past few years. In 2004, the FDA put a ban on the use of ephedra in weight loss pills and diet aids due to a small number of consumer complaints. Misuse of the ephedra weight loss pills by the few led to the widespread ban of the weight loss supplement for the many. This ban was not long, as the FDA soon lifted it in 2009 and ephedra fat loss pills soon flooded the market once again.

Ephedra works by acting on the Central Nervous System (CNS) as well as the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), giving the user an increase in noradrenaline and dopamine activity. It is because of these increases that those who take ephedra will notice the typical side effects of increased energy and metabolic rate, as well as the feelings of euphoria and mental clarity.

Ephedra is commonly used in conjunction with caffeine and aspirin (usually in the form of White Willow, the combination being known as the ECA stack) to help enhance the calorie burning effects of ephedra. The human body generally adapts to stimulants relatively quickly, building up a tolerance sometimes within days, thereby causing a need for greater amounts to illicit the same effects. The aspirin has become part of this stack as it acts to decrease the body’s natural resistance to the stimulants, thereby prolonging the benefits of both caffeine and ephedra.

A common misconception about ephedra diet pills is that they themselves burn fat. There is no food or supplement in the world that actually burns fat. The increased metabolic rate caused by ephedra weight loss pills does increase the amount of calories being burned, but whether or not those additional calories being burned come from fat depends on the remainder of your nutrition and exercise plan. Ephedra should be used to enhance your diet and exercise plan, not become the crutch of it.

There is an abundance of ephedra diet pills & available today, each one with its’ own spin on the ECA stack, or with the addition of herbs and other ingredients to aid in the fight against fat. With so many options available, a better body is just right around the corner.

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